Caring For Boats has officially come to a close, and with the arrival of Fall, many seasonal boaters put their craft away until Spring. Whether you are a year-round boater or enjoy boating seasonally, keeping your boat and outboard in prime condition is vital to guarantee reliable and safe operation, maximize your time on the water, and protect your investment.

As a shop that has been around over 40 years, we still regularly encounter boaters who believe in the “I’ll fix it when it breaks” mentality. This leads to preventable work and costly repair bills. As Yamaha says in their advertising “Maintenance Matters.”

The Basic and Full Motor Services include an overall inspection of your outboard, oil change, new oil and inline fuel filter, lower gear case fluid replacement, grease all grease points, freshwater flush, and coating the engine block with anti-corrosive spray. Upgrade to the Full Service option, and our team will include a diagnostic motor scan, new water fuel separator, prop inspection, spark plugs, anodes, and more. These services are where our technicians get ahead of potential issues with your motor and can save you money and hassle down the road.

Is your engine lagging? If your motor has difficulty starting, an irregular idle, stalling, flooding, or a reduction in fuel economy, your engine may benefit from a carburetor rebuild. A properly maintained fuel system and carburetor will prevent issues that lead to poor performance from developing in the first place.

Without protective paint to inhibit aquatic growth on the underside of your boat, damage to the hull is inevitable. Specialty paints and coatings prevent pesky marine life such as barnacles, weeds, and other organisms, from attaching themselves to the hull.

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